Every once in a while my way leeds me back to my hometown Rankweil,  Austria. Whether it's for visiting my parents or friends, or for the occasional school meetup or anniversary.

Last year though, I got to do something special.

The finest local market garden, Blumen Bauer, asked me to create a website for them. They had so far gotten along well without one, but still felt that a website would eventually be needed to attract more customers and show them their craftsmanship.

I was given drafts and pictures made by their designer of choice, Felder Grafik, and was tasked with handling the rest.

Felder came up a very image-focused design, and the drafts mainly covered the desktop experience. Mobile development and responsiveness was left up to me. In terms of content, the market garden didn't want to maintain the site themselves but opted for a static page that would not need any modifications by the customer.

So i created a base layout using Bootstrap 4 with custom CSS and fonts, and adapted the bootstrap grid to make room for some small transition and hover animations.

In my first draft, I stayed very close to the original drafts, but we later decided that having 6 pictures of the same size was not working quite as well in terms of UX. We decided to make some of the images bigger to attract the user's attention first.

The logo of the business remained untouched, however, I decided to make it "grow" on the page, kind of like a plant.


The page finally launched after a few iterations at the start of 2020. It was a very nice project to work on, especially because of the lovely people at Blumen Bauer. I hope to continue to work with them on more solutions for their digital presence.

Tasks completed & skills acquired:

  • Building a responsive, optimized website based on a given, non-responsive design.
  • Adapting bootstrap to a given design
  • Logo animation done via paths and CSS (had to replace it with a gif eventually because of browser compatibility)
  • Domain setup, E-Mail-Setup, Hosting
  • Mostly a remote project, so good communication was key

Check it out: